The Personnel Businesses Need

Written by: Kevin Gardner

When it comes to staffing a business, the personnel needs will vary as much as the products and services for which businesses are known. However, there are a few key positions that most businesses will do well to fill. Three of these are the Human Resources Manager (or HR Manager), the IT Specialist and the General Manager (or GM). While some companies may combine these positions in one way or another, once a business reaches a certain size, it may be a good idea to hire someone that specializes in each of these three roles.

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager, commonly referred to as HR, is an integral part of a company's hiring strategy. Without good employees, your company may fail to thrive. An effective HR Manager will utilize a variety of tools such as networking, advertising and utilizing an envoy api gateway for applications that will help him or her narrow down the number of candidates to fill open positions and choose the best person for each job. A knowledgeable HR Manager will help keep your business compliant with all federal, state and local labor laws. This position will also help business owners to stay in touch with their workers and maintain satisfying working conditions for all.

IT Specialist

Perhaps decades ago this position wouldn't have made a list of must-have professionals on a company's staff. However, in most cases today, an IT Specialist will be an integral part of ensuring that business operations run smoothly. These professionals don't only make sure that a business's computers, software and peripherals such as printers and scanners function correctly. They also can maintain the company's phone system and be a go-to for any internet issues that emerge.

In addition to hardware issues, IT workers can help your company maintain inventory databases, tracking software and any number of programs that may emerge as essential to your business. In many cases, these professionals have the knowledge to take your idea for a program or process involving tech and make it into a reality. In general, an IT Specialist is probably going to be a pretty intelligent employee that can serve a company in a variety of roles.

General Manager

A General Manager, or GM, may wear a lot of hats in some businesses, but in others, his or her role may be very specific. Owners should put a lot of thought into the job description for their company's GM. While hiring a GM can mean that an owner or owners are allowed to be more hands-off, you don't want to overwhelm the person in this position with too much responsibility. As we've noted, specialists in HR and IT can be incredibly helpful. It may not be helpful for your business to have the GM's responsibilities also include managing personnel and putting out tech fires. Consider separating these positions so that the GM can focus on what the title implies, managing your business.

Many businesses may not hire people specifically for marketing. This may be the type of role that a business owner could include in a General Manager's job description. Also, in certain cases, a GM may act as a Sales Manager. Depending on your business, it will make sense to incorporate some roles into the GM's job while eliminating others. Try not to overwhelm a GM by making him or her wear too many hats.

A Human Resources Manager, IT Specialist and General Manager are all very important roles within a business. These professionals can utilize their expertise to take the pressure off of ownership. Each role possesses specialized skills that will help a business thrive and keep up with the competition. Regardless of how you structure your business, these three positions can contribute to a company's success. 

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