The 4-Step Formula To Crafting Compelling Social Media Strategy with Guest Max Kringen

Does anyone else just want to be able to click an “easy button” for social media content? And not just any content… GOOD content. Custom content. Content that truly shares your story and compels future clients to reach out to you?

I went out on a hunt for this “easy button” and – SPOILER ALERT – there isn’t one.

HOWEVER, I did come across a framework and strategy to make custom content easier and more compelling. BINGO!

Max Kringen, Chief Storyteller at Tellwell, generously shares all the professional tips and tricks to create killer content.

His formula:

  1. Introduce
  2. Educate
  3. Engage
  4. Remind

On today’s episode Max breaks down each category of his formula and gives specific examples of how financial advisors can use each step to connect with their clients and prospects.

He also shares some trade secrets on the most powerful strategies to create, produce, and repurpose content! We also talked about a lot of strategies that really relate to your client experience.

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