Taking Tips from Google: Making the Office Fun

Written by: James Ponds

The office has long been a place that many people dread having to visit, even when they enjoy all aspects of their job. Large tech companies such as Google are changing this stereotype by making the workplace a fun, engaging place where people want to be. In this article, you will learn some top tips for making the office fun again.

Plan Regular Office Events

Events are the backbone of your office synergy. When your employees have nothing to look forward to, it's expected for them to feel as though the office is just a boring, humdrum place. With regular office events and parties, you can give your workforce a sense of belonging and community with ease.

Planning events around your company adds an extra layer of fun. If you want to give your employees even more excitement, then consider adding some unique features to your campus. A swimming pool is a great way to inject your campus with some extra fun, and you can look at pools financing options to make this possible.

Allow Employees to Socialize

The office should be a place where your workers are free to forge relationships. However, far too many offices discourage employees from talking to one another. Allowing your employees to socialize is a great way to let relationships form and also acts to improve collaboration across your business.

You can plan out socialization time around your lunch hour if you want to be sure things stay organized. Also, taking a more organic approach is advised depending on the makeup of your company culture. Either way, more socializing makes the office fun.

Use Bright Colors and Wall Art

The design of your office has a major impact on the overall health and wellbeing of your workforce. A drab office devoid of color and excitement is sure to lead to employee dissatisfaction. Resist the norm by painting the office in bright, uplifting colors.

You can also experiment with different art for your walls. Some companies even love to hire a muralist to create a permanent piece for the workplace. Consulting with corporate art experts can also provide you with plenty of inspiration for your space.

Offer Amenities

Amenities are a great way to improve synergy and fun in the office. Many companies have begun to offer free lunch buffets and takeout on Fridays, for example. Other businesses take it a step further by offering their employees laundry service, transportation, and even daycare.

If you are not sure what to offer your employees, you can always ask them directly. Many times employees have some ideas about the kinds of perks they would like. Polling them will give you a more realistic vision of how you can put amenities in place.

Create a Lighthearted Culture

Your company culture is the seat of your office environment. If you do not prize fun through office parties, events, amenities, and more, then you are unlikely to find that your workplace is a fun place to visit. Making your culture well-defined and oriented towards fun sets a precedent for the rest of your plans.

Similar to your company's core values, your company culture can help you to shape your identity. When you allow your employees to become part of this process, it's even easier to foster an environment that is fun and easy to visit. This is also one of the best ideas for employee retention.

Encourage Employee Feedback and Ideas

There are few better ways to make the workplace fun than by asking your employees what they would like to see. After all, employees are the ones who have to visit the office every day. Send out a few simple surveys and interview questions to see what your workforce thinks about the environment, and be sure to listen to their feedback.

Making the workplace a fun place to be is easier than most people think. Try out some of these tips and see just how fun you make your office for your employees!