Tactical Tips for Making Conferences & Regional Meetings Effective and Impactful

It’s conference season! When done thoughtfully, a great conference can expose you to new innovations, great marketing ideas, killer connections, and amazing leadership growth opportunities. But, if you’re like me… a great conference can ALSO lead to overwhelm, imposter syndrome, and feeling like you don’t know where to start first.

I don’t know about you, but I really really really enjoy attending industry conferences.

Networking with peers, leveraging educational opportunities, and being the recipient of extreme motivation are three of the main reasons that I love to attend a great event — even if it’s just a single-day regional meeting. If the agenda is gold… I’m there!

In the last two decades, I’ve figured out a few ways to get the most out of an industry affair and to keep it effective versus overwhelming.

In this episode you’ll receive insightful tips on how to:

  • Prep for a conference so that you can roll in prepared to receive and absorb the most pertinent information (like how to create your own LinkedIn QR Code lock screen!)
  • Show up during an event in a way that allows to get the most of your time and experience
  • Debrief yourself and your team in a way that won’t cause overwhelm
  • Set metrics to measure the success of the event and your implemented ideas 6 months down the road
  • And - I've got a video for you over on LinkedIn and in the Efficient Advisor Community to show you how to create your networking QR code in less than 30 seconds!

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