Stop Guessing on LinkedIn and Accelerate Your Pipeline Creation

I spotted this on LinkedIn the other day.

You have to congratulate the person, for all the hard work they have put in.

They don't say how much revenue in $ they have created or how much inbound (people coming to you to buy) they created. But top marks for effort.

Fair play to the guy, but on his journey he will have made many, many mistakes, spent time and effort that thoughts in working out what was the best way to post, what was the best way to connect. Time and effort, where he could have been thinking about ..... let's be honest here .... selling.

Every second you are thinking about what is the best strategy to get more likes, he isn't thinking about, which account to target, or put that effort into making that extra connection online, have just one more conversation ..... which could give you access to another proposal.

And we all know that another proposal, could give you another deal.

I'm currently getting back into running (I need to lose some weight and get fitter) so I'm using the "Couch to 5K" app. Now I could have sat down and researched a training regime and used that or even written my own app (well I couldn't, but play along with my metaphor) but I didn't. I went to an "expert" downloaded something that works and it seems to be working for me. I'm in week 5 of 8, thanks for asking.

My point is, that rather than reinventing the wheel you could turn to somebody that has been social / digital / remote / virtual selling for 6 years now. All they do is social selling and can accelerate you from zero to hero quicker and with less agro, less mistakes than if you do it yourself. Check out my Linkedin profile, check out my content. Check out team DLA Ignite, you can see we are not some "fly by night" company, we have not just "pivoted" to do this and we are not doing this to fill in until we get another job.

Transforming sales team to social / digital / virtual / remote selling is what we do and by the way ... our clients are currently getting more and better results during the pandemic than before.

Allowing you to ...... focus on selling

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