Specific Strategies for Creating Freedom Through Systems and Processes

It feels like every entrepreneur lists “freedom” as one of their goals in working for themselves. But often, I find that Advisors are burning out from being in the tornado of their business. Handling the most pressing matters that are popping up and working reactively instead of this vision they had of a proactive and strategic practice.

In today’s episode we flip the script and I am interviewed by my friend Matt Delzingaro, host of Coffee with Delzie. In this episode we dive into:

  • Where do advisors start when it comes to creating systems and processes?
  • What are the three SIMPLE solutions I suggest?
  • What exercises does an Advisor need to do to really identify where and how to scale?

This is a fun episode because we get into lots of detail. Matt does a great job interviewing and asking a lot of questions! And, I love getting into the nuts and bolts of building a scalable business that you run… instead of it running you.

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