Rethinking the Way You Hire In a Global Labor Shortage

Written by: Ethan Rome

One of the aftermaths of the pandemic the whole business world is still battling with, is a labor shortage. The pandemic has opened the thinking capabilities of many individuals as we’ve seen that many have embraced entrepreneurship which leads to the labor shortage.

It is evident that employees are the backbone of all businesses, and without them, there would be no business to run. How will you as a business owner protect your business from folding up with limited employees amidst the global labor shortage?

How To Rethink The Way You Hire

Recruitment has always been done almost the same way in all organizations; they create job ads and upload them on different social media platforms to get the attention of potential candidates. The interested candidates will apply using the provided information on the job ads, and the date for the interview will be scheduled with the interested candidates.

Now imagine this method being used by more than five top organizations with a limited number of candidates available around the world.

This shows that each organization will hire only a few candidates against their stipulated number. So, how do you get the number of employees your business requires using this standard way of recruitment?

Rethink Those Who Can Do The Work, Seek Skills

The technology era has helped many potential candidates acquire skills that fit today’s work model. Many of those you see around you have the necessary skills your business needs, but since you are stuck with the old method of recruiting, you overlook the skills for the experience.

To help your business with the global labor shortage, you need to evaluate the skills the vacant role requires and move your focus to other candidates from other professions who have the skill your business needs. Consider hiring freelancers as well since in this new remote working area they can be of great service. This way, you can meet the required number of employees your business needs without compromising the quality you are looking for.

Outsource Your Recruitment Process

Truly, the whole world is experiencing a labor shortage, but it’s bearable in some countries. For instance, in Canada, the rate of migrants is on the rise, so the recruitment there might be easy compared to other countries.

To rethink your way out of the labor shortage, you should consider outsourcing your recruitment processes to PEOs. If your business is located in another country, then consider outsourcing to any Canada PEO since they are well-grounded and know how to find the best out of the pool of talent for your business.

Use The Untapped Population

Even though the laws around the world frown at discrimination, people living with disabilities, refugees, and migrants have been neglected by businesses when it comes to recruitment, now that the world is experiencing a global labor shortage, it’s high time you untapped that channel to battle the labor shortage your business is experiencing.

Many of those living with disabilities, refugees, and migrants defied all odds to get the education and skill required by today’s business, but they are often overlooked by HR. Additionally, some workers prefer to work as contractors and not as full-time workers, so you might consider offering them a contract to complement your existing workers.

Revisit Traditional Hiring Methods

Now that the standard hiring method isn’t as productive due to the global labor shortage, the traditional hiring method should be utilized fully. Start by making all your employees a recruiter so they can convince friends and family of any vacancy.

Similarly, you should consider recruiting internally rather than opting for recruits who will take some time to learn the ropes. Your existing employee already has the experience and skill required to excel, so you might consider combining roles for your employees and also increase the pay, so you don’t overwhelm them with responsibilities.


The pandemic left its effects all around for all and sundry to see, and now the business sector is feeling the heat due to the global labor shortage. Businesses can’t survive without employees, so to hire the best out of the limited employees, you need to rethink your hiring methods.

The standard way of hiring won’t get you the desired results you want; rather, opt for new methods like tapping into the overlooked areas.

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