Proven Advisor Marketing Strategies

Most financial advisors receive advice for marketing their business that’s mediocre at best and can cripple your most cherished relationships at worst.  But in the digital age, where LinkedIn can land you 50,000 impressions a week for your exact audience, this is foolish advice. Not only will you sabotage your success, but you’ll start to hate your job too.  Well, this episode is the antidote to that foolish advice.

Steve MacLellan, a financial advisor who has finally achieved happiness in his marketing approach and success, joins me to reveal which marketing strategies are working for him.  And you know what? They’ll work for you too.  Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • How following the generic advice financial advisors hear when they begin can wreck your most adored relationships (6:04) 
  • Why engineers make the worst clients for financial advisors (even though they’re intelligent and wealthy) (7:02) 
  • The overlooked industry which typically includes some of the highest income earners compared to other industries (10:52) 
  • How talking about yourself on LinkedIn instead of your client avatar magnetizes your dream clients to your DMs (13:23) 
  • Why swiping Steve Job commercials can result in so many new interested leads that you have to hire a secretary just to handle calls (17:02) 
  • How hour-long discovery meetings repel your ideal clients away before even talking to them (and the exact length for your first meeting with prospective clients to turn them into clients) (20:47) 
  • How to get LinkedIn to spoon feed you the exact type of content that will resonate with your dream clients and encourage them to book a call with you (26:21) 

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