A Post-Pandemic Seminar Strategy for Financial Advisors

While it may seem like this pandemic has put a quash on your seminar program, it’s created an amazing window of opportunity to redesign and realign your whole event process to become more powerful and effective at bringing in new business. 

Once the group restrictions are lightened, people will be dying to connect and mingle with others in person. We want them to do that at your financial event.  Let’s take this time to rethink your event strategy and get ready to kick some ass(ets)!

1. Identify just two events that you plan to launch in 3-6 months:

  • Branding Event:  This event is meant for every woman and should be hosted monthly (consistency is key). The objective of a branding event is to establish your name and brand within the community.  Our Savvy Women Invest on Purpose is an example of a branding event.  It’s more about women than investing and is designed to be more interactive and engaging.  With a branding event, you can keep the cost low and even host in your conference room. Remember these events are 75% of the marketing benefits and only 25% about who fills the seats. 
  • Qualifier Event: This event is designed for those that qualify in terms of asset size. If you are hosting a branding event monthly, you can spread out your qualifier events quarterly if that feels more comfortable. It may be a smaller event and should be based on YOU, your process, your value, and the benefits of working with you. While we would love to fill the room, chances are these events will be smaller and designed to be more intimate, creating stronger relationships and trust with those who are truly QUALIFIED to be your client. 

Here is how it works, at the end of your branding event, you share with the audience:

“Ladies, I realize I can’t help everyone. This event is my way of helping every woman. For those that have accumulated $1,000,000 in investable assets, I will be hosting another event, “Creating your Life by Design Income Plan.” 

2. Create your Calendar Card: This is a highly marketable tool that lists multiple events while also presenting your mission and purpose as a financial advisor. This calendar card will far surpass the benefits of a business card. I recommend that you don’t make it look like a business card, one side should present your purpose, and the other displays your events. It should look like something you would frame. The key is when you have listed events months into the future, more people will actually hang on to it for months.  Download our sample event calendar card.

3. Develop your Qualifier Event: Stop using an industry-prepared (boring) event or one with your firm’s name all over it. Take this time to develop your own presentation, one that highlights your value, your process, and what makes you unique.  Let’s face it, the key to a good event strategy is to provide meaningful value consistently.  Promoting a standard presentation that talks about women and statistics are too common to be meaningful. What is meaningful is you, what you do for your clients, your value, and how your clients can live their future with confidence. 

There has never been a better time to develop your own proprietary presentation that highlights your value, your process, and empowers women.  

Take advantage of this time to create a more meaningful and effective event program that attracts more clients and generates more referrals with our Savvy Women’s Presentation Program or join my upcoming 4-week online workshop, Create a Kick-Ass Presentation!

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