Outlook for 2023: Change Is the Only Constant, and Disruption Is Inevitable

This is a great article by Forbeshere. The article is based on an interview with, Sheryl Connelly, she is Ford’s futurist and she says

"“Change is the only constant, and disruption is inevitable,” Connelly goes onto say “But while a lot can change these days, the patterns we’ve seen over the last couple of years have persisted. What’s new in the story for 2023 is how consumers see the importance of resilience” after the pandemic, and economic and political shocks of the last three years."

5 Questions to prepare your leaders for their next board meeting

1. How much revenue can you attribute to your activity on social media?

I'm sure your marketing teams are telling you they are killing it on social. OK, how much revenue does this generate? I'm not talking clicks, views and likes, you cannot bank these. 

How many leads and how much revenue does the company presence get for the budget you are putting into social media?

Simple question, how much money do you get from the money you put into social media?

2. Who is the leading technical and commercial digital influencer in your market or vertical?

We know the modern buyer is on social media, so who is the technical and commercial influencer in your market or vertical? 

Because if it's not you, it's your competition and your business has a lot of catching up to do

3. What are you doing with digital to strip out cost from your business and make you business more efficient?

As we enter a possible downturn or recession, as a business we need to be battlerling down the hatches. We need to be looking at ways to strip out cost.

Now we all know that IT systems don't actually make us digital, it's empowering our employees to be digital and making our processes digital that gives us efficiency with digital.  This is how the business becomes recession proof.

So how far has the business got empowering your people to use digital?

For example, are the sales people able to walk digital corridors and have digital conversations?

Has the HR team stripped out the cost of job ads and recruitment consultants?

4. What processes do have in place to retain and recruit the best employees?

By being digital and empowering your employees, by using social media strategically, you will be able to retain employees and recruit the best employees. 

5. How can you be digitally dominate?

This is where as a business, you will be digital dominate.  What does that mean? That means that by using digital, you will push all the competition from the digital space, you will remove any oxygen that the competition might have in owning any narrative you as a business might have.

Digital business should be able to get these 5 factors:-

  • Visibility – recognition in the marketplace
  • Trusted advisor status
  • Recruit and retain the best talent
  • Employee engagement & shared sense of purpose
  • Pipeline, growth and new customers

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