Lack of Time is Just an Excuse

One of the constant excuses I hear from women advisors trying to move forward and create an extraordinary business and life is TIME.  There never seems to be enough time to focus on marketing and growing the business! I understand how hard it is to manage an existing business and continue to market and grow a business, it can be a challenge until you take control of your time.  

After watching this video I want you to take back control over your business and I’m going to share 3 ways to get it done and this comes from personal experience.

When I became a financial advisor for Smith Barney unlike most of my male counterparts I was a single Mom with 3 young kids at home, there was NO way I could work the hours that all the other “rookies” were told to work. 

I knew to grow my business and succeed without sacrificing time with my kids I had to work smarter. As a result, I made every minute count, knowing I had to leave the office every day at a certain time to pick up my kids from school was a powerful motivator and forced me to only focus on my core priorities. By working smarter I was able to beat the odds and was always in the top quintile for assets and production.

As a female financial advisor here is how I went beyond the excuse of not having any time:

  1. My number one priority was bringing in new business that had to consume the majority of my time and would be a priority for many years. So I created onboarding systems that made the process easy for me and my clients and I managed their expectations as to what they could expect from me.  Those that weren’t willing to respect my time and schedule would not be part of my client base. 
  2. I created a consistent and systematic event program that would get me in front of 20 new people every month.  These were not one-off events, which quite frankly consume your time and energy and provide minimal business results. I held a Women’s workshop every month along with a high-end luncheon featuring a money manager. I used this process for 3 years and it worked. It was the consistency that kept me focused on new business while making it easy and effortless. 
  3. I managed my ENERGY not time. When I was wearing myself down I took time off to recharge. For a while, I took Mondays and Fridays off as I rebuilt my personal life.  Recognizing when my energy was starting to wane was critical to keeping me working at peak performance. I knew when I was feeling great I could easily attract new clients and that same concept holds true today.  

Time does not control you, you control your time.

I will guarantee you there are many things you are spending time doing that truly have minimal impact on sustaining and growing your business. I want you to treat your business as well as you treat your clients.

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