If We Can Just Get Through The Next 8 Weeks Everything Will Be OK ... Yes?

We often hear..

"If We Can Just Get Through The Next 8 Weeks Everything Will Be OK?"

when we are talking to senior executives in a business.

But is it based on fact or is it based on hope?

We heard it a lot after the Pfizer Covid jab was announced. What do the people close to the Pfizer jab think?

Uğur Şahin, the chief executive of BioNTech, the Pfizer company that announced the vaccine and is the Chief Scientist behind the research recently said to the Guardian newspaper.

“The bigger impact will [not] happen until summer. The summer will help us anyway because the infection rate will go down. What is absolutely essential is that we get a high vaccination rate until or before autumn, winter next year."

So even the people that are heading up the vaccine think that 2021 will be the same as 2020.

What Does That Mean to Your Business?

It means that you need to plan that 2021 will be the same as 2020.

This Is Fine For Your Business Isn't?

Many businesses will tell you that they have made massive changes in 2020. You have laid off some staff, you have furloughed some staff, you have cut unprofitable product lines and refocused. But really has anything changed?

Let's be honest here, you are still selling and marketing the same as before the pandemic?

I'm going to be honest with you, the world has changed in terms of the buying process. Who says so? Is this just my opinion? Unfortunately the worlds brightest brains say so ...

Mckinsey say so, Gartner say so, Hootsuite and We Are Social say so, Hootsuite say so ...

If the experts are saying that 2021 is going to be like 2020 and the experts are saying that the world has changed, why is your business standing still and hoping?


This is Scary!

For many people this means change and nobody likes change. It's comfortable doing what we have always done. We understand that and we know when we get up in the morning, what we are going to do. 

A Sales Leader recently said to me "I still do what I did 20 years ago, it worked then and it works now." But does it?

20 years ago I had a Sony Walkman, a VCR and a fax machine, but times have changed.

But not understanding social media is fine, in fact you are the same as everybody else. 

Also not understanding the business opportunity and not understanding what you need to do is also totally understandable and similar to everybody else in business.

This is what's it's like to be in business in a Covid world in 2020.

The Barrier To Change

But being scared of the unknown is your barrier to change.

This venn diagram often does the rounds on social media and it is very true. Our fears are the thing that often holds us back.

I'm in the process of getting fit and losing weight. This is a simple task, I have to go running three times a week. You know that, I know that. But it isn't running that is the issue, it's the getting up and going is the problem. 

How many times in life have you thought "if only I had done x".

You Are Not Alone

All companies are going through this right now, it's scary times, CEO after CEO are saying to us right now "I know that we need to change, but I don't know what to, or how we do it". I totally get that, CEOs are also saying to us "we came into this Pandemic analogue and we have to come out digital".

But how?

We Are Here To Work With You

First thing that surprises most people is that we have been doing this for 4 years.

There's been no pivot, we haven't just started doing this. This helps you, not just the fact that we have "been there and done it" but we have data to back up our methodology. 

Which comes to our methodology, that takes the thinking out of being social. 

(Steve Job used to where the same outfit every day as it meant he didn't have to think about what he had to wear and he could focus his thoughts on other things). 

You do "this", you do "this" and you will get results. Nothing to be scared about. We also run coaching one to ones during the program, which means that everybody learns at their own pace. Learning in a safe environment, with people that have done this many times.

Think of it as us working with you.

The Payoff

Everytime we run this program, we get 30% increase in revenue and a 40% reduction in the sales cycle.

There are also some softer benefits, you and your team get a new life skill and as a leader you are providing the business with a digital legacy. Supporting the transformation to digital for the business.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Just give me, or one of the DLA Ignite team and hour of your time and we can walk you through what we are doing for other companies. No hard sell, just take you through what other companies are doing to transform.

Please contact me here or one of the DLA Ignite team here, so please pick one of our industry experts or one of our experts in your geographical locality. Our website is here

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