How to Win Back Half Your Audience (Or More)

Seeing this OK, Boomer?

Without intending to — you may be alienating your online audience.

If it includes people in middle age or older, you’re putting them off if you’re not delivering information they way they prefer it.

And that, according to Smashing Magazine , is with:

Text.People over 40 spent half or more of their lives getting their information by reading. So their information uptake is faster with text than it is with video. So most of them prefer text.

Make that well-crafted, well-edited text. Poor grammar and misspellings tend to turn them off, and make your content less credible.

And text should be no smaller than 16 pixels.

Contrast. Gray text can be esthetically pleasing. But for text legibility online, older readers need a contrast ratio of 4.5 to 1 or higher between text and background. On a white background, that’s #959595 or darker for larger fonts and #767676 for smaller fonts.

“This is not about who’s right or wrong; it’s about creating web content that everyone can use.” ~ Barry Rueger, Smashing Magazine

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