How To Turn Data Insights Into Impactful SEO Strategies

Written by: Ethan Rome

In today’s tech-dominated world, information is of paramount importance, especially when it is used as an overall leverage point when attempting to achieve a certain goal. For businesses, regardless of the industry, having the right play on data can be crucial. This is why utilizing data to extract actionable insights is becoming increasingly essential. In this article, we are going to talk about how to turn data into impactful SEO strategies.

Understanding the issue at hand

Marketing agencies have the majority of their services centered around reaching specific audiences and creating strategies that return relevant results when implemented. As such, from a marketing standpoint, data presents one of the most significant factors in understanding and addressing a target audience. Upon gathering the necessary data needed for a specific task, the following step directly addresses the issue of handling, interpreting, and implementing the data. Having a clear set of data allows for an accurate representation of information.

Key steps to follow when dealing with data

The idea of transforming a set of data into a strategy at times can appear as blurry and hard to conceptualize. However, when broken down, we can see that the process has to do more with creating a pathway enabling the utilization of the data. As such, the first step in this process would be to understand the target audience and its tendencies. The second step would be to filter the obtained information from the dataset in order to maintain consistency and fluency over the course of the process. Lastly, after the data has been collected and cleansed, the last step would be to form a general opinion on how the information from the dataset can be portrayed.

Formulating a strategy from the obtained data information

A strategy is simply a plan of action that is applied to a specific scenario. Thus, strategies must be flexible if they are to be implemented in various cases. However, most marketing strategies are composed as one-off strategies that typically market a set brand, product, or service for a specific period of time. Strategies that are implemented over a prolonged period are higher in complexity and require constant data refreshment. The following points present a standard approach to forming a strategy from data insights:

  • Brainstorm a number of methods through which the target audience can be approached. These methods must be representative of the insight gathered from the data.

  • Apply mixed marketing techniques. E.g if the data shows that the target audience is more responsive to video format content, the approach must be respective to this preference.

  • Cross-examine data in order to better understand the tendencies of the audience to be targeted

  • Conduct additional research on the cultural aspects of the target audience and conjoin findings with the information presented from the obtained data

The outsource element of strategy building

Most companies do not have an in-house professional marketing team that addresses their audience through adequate and complex marketing techniques. Thus, outsourcing provides an effective and affordable solution to this issue. Approaching the conundrum of strategy building from an outsourcing perspective additionally presents a more colorful avenue for addressing target audiences. E.g. central Europe differs substantially from eastern Europe culturally. Hence, for companies aiming to target an audience in Eastern Europe outsourcing would provide a more efficient and effective way of doing so. Suppose a company wanted to target an audience based in the Western Balkans. In that case, hiring a local professional marketing agency such as Tactica SEO will offer accurate insights derived from data and provide a competent solution.

Key takeaways

We have come to understand that data can be more than a simple representation of opinions and beliefs. Information from data can be employed in a number of ways that enable flexibility and allow the utilization of data to construct and implement lucrative marketing strategies. Moreover, approaching the conundrum of strategy building from an outsourcing perspective additionally presents a more colorful avenue for addressing target audiences. All in all, understanding that information can be taken and shaped into powerful strategies that tackle the main catalisors in potential customer audiences is of focal significance.

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