How To Attract and Hold Attention With Engaging Social Media Content With Zoë Meggert

Do you want to create long-form content that catches and holds your niche’s attention? How about getting your expertise in front of as many ideal prospects as possible?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Zoë Meggert, CEO of Perfectly Planned Content. Zoë tells you how to transform your webinars, podcasts, and blogs in a hundred different ways for social media, making them consumable for every person you want to reach. Zoë and Matt also dig into how modern technology has changed the way advisors connect and build relationships with prospects.

Zoë discusses:

  • Why more advisors don’t create engaging content to boost their marketing and connect with their audience
  • Ways to uncover a treasure trove of content in the daily routines you’re already doing
  • How to turn archived content into fresh posts without spending time on rewriting
  • Where content should fit within an advisors funnel to gain more ideal prospects
  • And more

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