How SEO is Going to Change in 2022

Written by: Peter Minkoff

Can you believe 2022 is just around the corner? Whether you like it or not, it definitely is, and so are new developments in the SEO arena. Admittedly, the past few years have marked quite a few changes in the way brands approach their online marketing, and the year ahead is going to see some fresh trends in the SEO world too. From a rise of long content, mobile friendliness, and influencer marketing to voice searches and Google’s EAT principle, the year to come will call for a serious review of SEO strategies and tools. To help you navigate SEO waters in 2022, here are the top trends you need to be on the lookout for.

1. Google’s EAT principle

If you want to improve or maintain your SERP ranking in the year to come, you should stick to Google’s EAT principle. According to EAT, your brand needs to excel in terms of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, which will signal to Google that you have excellent content. On top of that, you should also pay extra care when creating buyer personas to ensure you are outputting amazing content that is in line with the needs and preferences of your target audience. If possible, your claims should always be backed by proven facts and figures linking to authoritative sources to add credibility and interest to your content.

2. Long-form content is king

If you want to be regarded as an authority in your industry, engaging and useful content is a must-have. In 2022, creating informative and interesting long-form content will allow you to differentiate yourself as a leader in an increasingly competitive online market. As an additional benefit, posting long-form website or blog content on a regular basis will allow you to keep your audience on their toes and provide them with in-depth information as regards your products and services, which is essential for organic traffic and conversion growth. In case you are struggling to create quality content for your brand’s needs, you can always consult renown experts in link building services and have them help you out with your SEO strategy for 2022.

3. Tap into influencer power

Long gone are the days when influencers played a minor role in branding and advertising. In the year ahead, influencer marketing will take front and center, allowing brands to tap into the power of social media in new ways. For a neat bonus, influencer marketing is usually cheaper than its traditional counterpart and it also promises beneficial collaboration with creative folks who have a huge following on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social networks. To hack rapid and steady growth in the year to come, you should look into influencer marketing as this allows your target audience to learn about your offering through reviews that resonate with them far better than conventional advertising slogans.

4. Mobile-friendly is a must

Ever since Google introduced mobile friendliness as a ranking factor back in 2015, it has been a crucial factor in SEO. Since 2019, mobile optimization is one of the key elements that can make or break your company’s marketing success because the mobile website version has become the primary version for Google algorithms. According to certain estimates, by 2025 as many as 75% of internet users will be accessing online content from their mobile devices, which is another reason for you to tackle mobile optimization in the year to come. To make sure your website is performing adequately, you can use Google’s free mobile-friendly test and generate Mobile Usability Report that will allow you to identify and resolve any glitches right away.

5. Rise of voice searches

One more trend that will reshape SEO in 2022, voice searches will spike in all segments of internet usage, including shopping. If you want to make the most of your online offer, you will need to align your FAQ section and all other aspects of your website so that it would be in line with the increasing use of voice searches. According to various experts, voice-based shopping might increase to USD 40 billion in 2022, and if you want to scoop a part of the profits, you will need to ensure your website and e-shop are 100% voice-searchable.

The year ahead has in store many fresh twists in the SEO arena, ranging from a growing need for mobile optimization and voice searches to the rise of long-form content, Google’s EAT principle, and influencer marketing. If you want to keep your website traffic and conversion peaking, you should adapt your SEO game accordingly – and if you are still here, you now know precisely how to achieve that. Happy New Year, and good luck with your business endeavors in 2022!

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