How Invisible Do You Want To Be To Your Clients?

Regardless of if we are in Sales or Marketing being visible to our prospects and clients has always been important. The ultimate tactic would be to take our clients out to lunch everyday where we could tell them about our products and services.

Of course, this isn't practical from both a waistline prospective and we are in the middle of a Pandemic which is restricting our ability to take people to lunch.

I'm Actually Really Good at Social Media!

I recently had a conversation with a Sales Leader which went like this

Sales Leader: "We are actually really good at social media, so I'm not sure why I'm talking to you. In fact, we post on social at least every two weeks."

Me: "How do you feel about being invisible to your clients 13 days out of 14?"

Sales Leader: "Er"

Me: "How many C-Level meetings do you get from this post you make every two weeks?"

Sales Leader: "Er nothing".


It's 2021 and as a Sales Leader You and Your Team Should be Using a Methodology for Social

It's "table stakes" today as Salesperson and Sales Leader that your business equips you with a methodology that enables you to sell using social media.

Not "hints and tips" and not "masterclasses" not "nice talks" I'm talking about a proper, robust modern methodology.

For example how to get C-Level meetings by using content?

This isn't about spamming people with inmails or Linkedin connection requests.

This isn't about getting a Linkedin trainer to teach you how to get flowers on your profile.

I'm talking about a "black box" where you turn the handle and get leads and meetings using social, using your network and using content.

This is what modern, progressive businesses do today.

As a Sales Leader You Should Know Exactly What You Get From Social in Terms of $

As a Salesperson and a Sales Leader you should know exactly the revenue you are closing from social and you should be expected to be able to give an answer at QBRs and review.

Knowing the amount of business in terms of leads and in terms of revenue you are getting from social is again "table stakes" for business.

You know what you are getting from marketing in terms of the return from advertising, cold calling and email marketing, the same should be know for the return on social.

As a business leader, you should also be asking the question as part of any inspection.

During this global pandemic now is the time not to be invisible to your clients, we know our clients are on social media, we know we need to be where our clients are. We also know we need to be generating pipeline and winning that pipeline if we are going to generate the cash so we survive Covid19.

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