How Audacious Marketers Create Amazing Experiences for People

An experience is rarely one-dimensional.

It virtually never consists of a single element. That’s why a single product or service can’t deliver. It’s narrow; provides only a slice of benefits.

Experiences are multi-dimensional; they are a manifestation of a person’s holistic reality.

Every person’s life is complicated; it can’t be explained by a single variable.

“Who is Roy?” can’t be answered without considering his total life; work, family, friends, recreation, political ideals, personal network and so on.

If you don’t treat a person as a holistic entity, you won’t be open to the full array of ‘Secrets’ that will unlock the experiences they crave and hunger for.

That’s why the ’Experience Manager’ position is so important in Storm Marketing. They operate above the product cloud.

THEY are accountable to define the robust profile of a person; the bank of Secrets and Cravings they possess.

Are you concerned about your customer’s total life or only a small single slice of it?

Think about it:

  • Do you have a holistic lens to determine what a customer covets?
  • Are you in the Secret discovery business or not?
  • Are you still possessed by the notion that product benefits describe what will make someone happy?
  • What do you know about the lives of the people that do business with you? What does your holistic check list look like?
  • If you have Experience Managers, nice; if not, WHY NOT?

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