Five Principles for Financial Advisors to Get New Clients in 2021 From Digital Marketing


More than ever, having a digital presence is crucial for your financial advisory business.

Learn how a financial advisor gained a $10 million client simply through a Google search, and how you can rework your digital marketing strategy to achieve the same. This week, Samantha Russell is diving into five important marketing principles to follow in 2021 to gain new clients with digital marketing.

Here's a sneak peek of the five marketing principles for digital marketing success:

1. Give, Give, Give, Ask: Share your knowledge and expertise for free to encourage reciprocity

2. Consistency is Key

3. The Mere Exposure Effect: People are more likely to develop a preference for a familiar brand

4. Personalization + Customization= Conversions

5. Sell More Than Just a Service- Sell a Relationship and Experience

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