Do Financial Advisors Need To Care About the Clubhouse App?

Don’t look now but there’s another social media platform coming to try and steal your attention.

Have you heard of Clubhouse yet? If you’ve been on social media at all the last few weeks, I’m guessing so.

Clubhouse is a social media app that is completely audio-based. No texts. No videos. 

Moderators host rooms and control the flow of conversation with whoever jumps in and wants to dialogue about the subject.

It’s a fascinating new advancement for voice-first technology that takes voice out of the realm of AI and puts it back into the hands of humans. 

But for an advisor, does it matter all that much?

Like with most things for social depends.

Today’s video starts out by focusing on if financial advisors should use Clubhouse, but then we get into talking about two recommendations for how to think about using social media of any kind.

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