EVPs: Differentiate Your Talent Strategies and Your Firm with Liz Manibay

Liz Manibay is a Senior Business Management Consultant in the Business Consulting and Education area of Charles Schwab Advisor Services.

Live from the Sanctuary Oasis Conference in Las Vegas, Doug and Liz discuss the employee value proposition sector of employee branding and how firms can make their EVP more powerful and engaging.

They also discussed:

  • The Schwab industry benchmarking survey, specifically the employee value proposition (EVP) and what they’re telling advisors about it
  • How firms can stand out from other firms who are looking to hire key talent
  • EVPs at a firm level, as well as an individual level, and the resources advisors can use to start developing an EVP for both of these groups

Resources: Sanctuary Wealth | Charles Schwab Advisor Services

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