7 Social Media Post Ideas Proven to Work for Financial Advisors


Social media strategy takes on a life of its own. To drive engagement, you need to be innovative and realize that engaging social media content is very different from what would be considered engaging on your website or blog.

If you struggle to create effective social media posts, keep watching. I'm offering 7 social media post ideas that have been proven to drive engagement, with real life examples from financial advisors.

Not sure what to post? These 7 social media post ideas have been tried and proven to drive engagement for financial advisors.

1. Tell a Personal Story: Give the Audience a Glimpse into Your Life

2. Share a News Article About a Current Event (and Offer Your Thoughts)

3. Create a 1-2 Minute Video and Upload Natively

4. Promote a Valuable Offer- and Ask for Comments from Those Who Want It

5. Do Some Math to Create Thought-Provoking Scenarios

6. And While You're At It: Start with a clickworthy intro, and then hit space a few times so that the reader has to click "more" to read the first of your post (only on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)

7. Post a Helpful or Visually Engaging Infographic

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