4 Tips On How to Write Titles That Get Opened and Clicked

How do you get someone to open your email or click your content? Today I'm going to give you four strategies that we use here at Twenty Over Ten that absolutely work, and we have proven that these work with over 10,000 pieces of content that our advisor clients are using, so I'm excited to share this research with you.

Okay, so let's jump right in. Tip number one for getting people to either open your email or click your content in their social media feed, and again, we're talking about how you can title it, comes down to posing it as a question. People often have questions and questions are the thing that are going to make us stop scrolling or, in our inbox, want to click and open it. So you want to title your content by asking a question that's on the minds of your current clients or your prospects. So for instance, right now things like "Should I tap into my 401(k) to pay off debt?" or, "Why are average investors underperforming?" or, "How is the stock market continuing to go up even though the economy as a whole is going down?" So anytime you can pose something as a question, you're going to get a larger percentage of clicks and opens.

Okay, so that leads me right to point number two, which is make sure that what you are sharing is timely. Timely content is where you're going to see the biggest bang for your buck. Yes, evergreen content still has a place, but when something is really relevant to exactly what's going on today you're going to see more opens and more clicks, because it's what's on the minds of those you're communicating with.

And that actually leads me to point number three, which is to use what we call identifier keywords in your content titles. So what I mean by this is, let's say you have an article on emergencies or natural disasters and how you should be prepared financially. So, six steps to be prepared in case of a natural disaster. Right now in California there are a ton of wildfires all over, actually throughout Oregon and along the coast, right? So if you were instead to title that article, you know, "Six tips for being financially prepared" and you included the keywords "wildfires in California" or "wildfires in Oregon," you're gonna be so much more timely and relevant to what's happening at that moment and people that are in those areas especially are going to want to click on it.

So that's one example of an identifier, but it could also be demographic-based. So maybe you serve physicians, so having the word physician in the title-or maybe it's related, again, to your area, so "Retiring in 2020: what Orlando residents need to know," or it could be something related to a socioeconomic status. So really the sky's the limit, but having an identifier keyword that is pertinent to that group of people is going to make somebody want to open it. We want to read things that are specific to us, so the more personalized you can make it, the better. Twenty Over Ten's Lead Pilot tool does a fantastic job of making it really easy for you to click on any single piece of content and easily add in those identifier keywords, so make sure you check that out, leadpilot.io.

Okay, which leads me to my last tip, tip number four. We have found that there are certain keywords that you can put in your titles that really are intriguing to people and make them want to click. So these are words like easy, insanely simple, now, fast- they're words that inspire action and quick action, and they make people excited to read them because we all want something that's an easy win or something that's going to work really fast.

So those are my four tips for how to get to more people to either open your emails or click on your content. If you thought this video was helpful, please give us a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to Twenty Over Ten's YouTube channel where we share a new video like this every single week to help you grow your business through content marketing and inbound marketing in general. See you next week.

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