4 Effective Strategies to Increase Publicity for Your Business

When you need a new product or service, don’t you typically try to think of or search for a company you’ve heard of before? Customers want to use a business they have heard of, or that has good reviews and publicity. There are millions of ideas and approaches, but ultimately it comes down to trying what fits your budget and needs. You may need to try many different ideas to see what works best for your company. Here are some tried and true ways to increase publicity.

1. In-Person

For some, the best approach may be the tried and true in-person approach. This can vary from handing out flyers or business cards yourself to field sales, depending on your business. There are many tips for how to succeed in door to door sales. Above all, be polite, friendly and professional.

Approaching individuals with a clear, concise and well-developed pitch on your company can be highly beneficial. Perfect your pitch, keeping it short and sweet. You should also consider handing out flyers, business cards or coupons. This is a fantastic way to spread the word about your company.

2. Online Presence

The first thing most people do before selecting a business or purchasing an item is to Google it. Customers want to see positive reviews and a reputable company website. Social media is essential for increasing publicity. Create and update social media accounts, filling your page with high-quality content. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great examples, and you can advertise through these outlets as well. Write relevant blogs with useful information that people want to read, and then post links to this blog across your online platform.

You must also ensure your website looks professional. Your website may be the first encounter potential customers have with your company, so it must be complete, informative and easy to navigate. This is where you should post blogs to link your social media posts back to your company website. Highlight what sets your company apart from the competition.

3. Local Media

Spend time focusing on local ways to publicize your business. An excellent place to start is your local newspaper. You can place an ad in the paper, but a better approach is to find an angle or story to pitch to a reporter. Is your company celebrating an anniversary or has it recently won an award? If so, those are great pitching points. Offering expert advice on a relevant topic is a great way to get into the local paper.

The local news stations may be interested in a big event or a fresh story idea, so always think of captivating ways to tell a story or solve a problem. Depending on your niche, there are probably several other local sources you can work with to increase your outreach. Consider searching for local influencers or bloggers who might be interested in collaborating. These individuals generally have a good following and can reach a different audience than you could on your own. It’s also important to collaborate with local businesses to help promote each other. You both benefit from the publicity. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Swag

There is a reason big companies endorse athletes. It’s unlimited publicity as the athlete wears the company’s logo. While you may not have the resources to sign a celebrity, chances are you have family, friends or influential community members who would gladly wear a shirt or hat with your logo on it. This swag can vary to meet your budget. You can put your logo on just about anything. Pens, water bottles, coffee mugs, notepads, tote bags and clothing items are all examples of swag you could customize to spread the word about your company.

Another way to get your name on clothing items is to sponsor a recreational sports team. Every time the team takes the field, your name will be displayed on their jerseys. People will remember the name, increasing your potential customers.

Publicity is essential for growing your company and expanding its outreach. The possible avenues for promotion are numerous. Your company’s needs, resources and budget will affect the options you explore; however, there are a significant number of free or low-cost options. Dedicate the time to increasing publicity, and you will be glad you did!

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