1,000 Reasons Not to Pitch Over Social

It makes you look desperate and it's rude!

You mean you want more reasons than that?

It burns through trust

..... is that not enough? We all know that trust is so important today.

But I Heard About This Thing Called Social Selling - So I'm Selling On Social!

OK, I know you have heard about social selling, but that does not actually mean you sell on social. I know, I know, that sounds disingenuous, but you and me actually don’t like being sold to.

I know you love sales, and you are great at building relationships, yada, yada, yada. But, (for once), this isn't about you. It's about me. It's about all your buyers, trust me, they hate being sold to.

But If You Just Listen to Me You Will Love The Shit I Have to Sell

I know you want to sell your stuff, you have targets to meet and your stuff pays your mortgage .... but can I be honest? I don’t care, I have my own stuff to sell, my own targets and my own mortgage to pay. Neither does anybody else, none of us care.

I know you have some amazing shit to sell, but I don't have time and neither does anybody else.

I know you are passionate about your stuff, but I’m not. If you interrupt me, it annoys me as much it annoys everybody else. If I stopped writing this blog and started telling you about my services, you wouldn't read any further, your mind would wonder and then you would go and do something else. Of course.

You see, it's the same with me, when you pitch to me.

Forget Social For a Moment - Let's Think About What Happens in Real Life

Let’s think about this another way.

You are invited to a networking event. (Today it would need to be socially distanced and you would be wearing a mask.)

Anyway you arrive 10 minutes late, you sanitise your hands, go and get a beverage of your choice. Tea, coffee, water, fruit juice. You see people are already talking in groups. 

Now based on your behaviour on social, you would find the nearest crowd talking and you would walk up to them and pitch your product?

We know you are passionate about your stuff, so why not just walk up to them and pitch?

Somebody Call Security

Of course you wouldn’t. Probably as people would call security.

Why not cut to the chase and walk in the room, stand on a chair and pitch to everybody? Why bother with the small talk, life is short, you have a target and you have shit to sell. Who needs relationships anyway?

You could think about the time you saved as security, dragged you out of the building.

You could also think about the time you saved as you sat at home, not ever being invited to another networking event.

But You Wouldn't Go Straight for a Pitch at a Networking Event?

You would walk up to the group, listen to the discussion. Maybe even joining in with that discussion. You wouldn’t pitch, it would make you sound rude .... and desperate.

If you wouldn’t do it in real life, why are you doing it on social?

Social is not the place for interruptions, social is the place for being ..... social and having conversations.

Here's a suggestion

Why don't you stop playing around with social and actually do it properly?

Get yourself a methodology that's proven to help you sell over social?

There is a saying that "you cannot get a little bit pregnant"so stop messing about with social and do it properly!

Sorry, nearly forgot to pitch DLA Ignite :) .... we get 30% increase in revenue and 40% reduction in sales cycle. During the pandemic our clients prospecting results have gone up, there are not many prospecting methods that can say that.

Did you see what I did there?

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