10 Benefits To Virtual Networking Meetings

Virtual networking meetings may not be as much fun and social (exception-the groups I lead!) but they are super valuable if you work them.

I love LIVE events, but we take for granted the value of virtual networking.

Here are 10 quick benefits!

  • Easier to meet others if you’re not the “introduce yourself” type.
  • Able to research attendees on the spot (Weird if you’re LIVE.).
  • Never an issue remembering names – they’re on the screen!
  • You can often meet more of the “right” people in less time.
  • Expand your reach to other cities, states, countries, and planets.
  • You can leave the business attire in the closet or hamper.
  • Much more likely to follow up on action steps – often immediately.
  • Less interruptions and awkward moments (Although fun!).
  • More efficient use of time, money, and much less traffic.
  • And… it’s so much more fun when you do finally meet in person.

Bottom line, both LIVE and VIRTUAL networking groups are valuable if you’re smart about how you work your room or screen!

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